Concrete Boat (after Bob Smith) PART 1

After completing Doggerland, which took months of work. I decided to do some quicker projects before launching into another large boat. So over the last few weeks I've done a bunch of stuff. From starting kayaking lessons, to meeting with mentors, to making a miniature dug out canoe, and building a new studio space to … Continue reading Concrete Boat (after Bob Smith) PART 1

Sick to the Stomach

I've not updated this blog nearly regularly enough the last couple of weeks because I have been so busy fabricating the carton canoe, and making an authentic Greenland paddle with the help of a mentor and hand tools. I have a deadline to get it the boat finished as I'll be using it in a … Continue reading Sick to the Stomach

Retreat video

I spent a few days wildcamping around Loch Lomond in early February. This was intended to be a kind if retreat, a time to isolate myself. A time to think and refill my creative reserves. This was possible due to the funding I received from ACE, but also because Alpkit Foundation generously donated some equipment … Continue reading Retreat video

How best to love a tangent.

In an exploratory project such as this there are naturally a lot of tangential directions of enquiry and investigation that run the risk of taking one off task. It's important to keep the destination in mind. Yet, if I am to learn to keep a momentum in my practice and grow as an artist beyond … Continue reading How best to love a tangent.

Reading – January 2019: why I’m re-reading Moby Dick

I read most of 'the Edge Of The World' by Michael Pye which talks about how the north-sea affects the cultures that surround it. That was interesting but I don't have much to say about it beyond what I've already written elsewhere on the blog. What Pye demonstrates is the powerful political effect the sea … Continue reading Reading – January 2019: why I’m re-reading Moby Dick

Meeting with Glyn Hall-Edwards

Today I met with Glyn Hall-Edwards deputy Harbour Master in whitstable and builder of several cedar strip kayaks, including designing and building the unique kayak for Adam Chodzko's 2010 work Ghost. I was interested in hearing more about Ghost, not least because I did some work for Adam back in those days and remember following … Continue reading Meeting with Glyn Hall-Edwards