Early Plastic boat experiments (sketchbook pages)

On these pages (the middle pages dated January 11) you can see the plastic kayak idea moving from initial idea and through first tests. It also records the loss of one of my planned mentors and meeting with boat builder Glyn. In the drawings you can see how the influence of seafaring myths and pilgrimage … Continue reading Early Plastic boat experiments (sketchbook pages)

Doggerland Assessment

I wanted to make a post about the work Doggerland, that was completed last week, but as some of the ideas behind the work are stronger if they remain oblique it doesn't feel easy to put those ideas online and explain its every dimension away. Some things need to stay in the sketchbook and the … Continue reading Doggerland Assessment

Sick to the Stomach

I've not updated this blog nearly regularly enough the last couple of weeks because I have been so busy fabricating the carton canoe, and making an authentic Greenland paddle with the help of a mentor and hand tools. I have a deadline to get it the boat finished as I'll be using it in a … Continue reading Sick to the Stomach