A Generational Thing

The truth is that since graduating from an MA close to ten years ago now I’ve been using my degree in education more often than my own practice. So much so that I had burned out on doing educational stuff. Having this project as an opportunity to pour myself into my own work, thoughts and ideas has been invaluable. And as I come toward the end of it I have begun to see new ways in which I might be able to approach future educational aspects to my work and career.

Firstly, its OK to let my own practice be a catalyst and starting point. That revelation is more about me being bold enough to stand behind my ability and my work. It shouldn’t be something I think of as arrogant. If I believe my work has value in it then I should be be able to use it to teach.

Secondly I can see ways in which I can make my practice into something that serves an audience of young people, bringing my educational work together with my practice rather than treating them as seperate entities. – More on this another time I think.

I am grateful to Tania Mcormac of BLOCK 67 for booking me to run a family workshop inspired in part by my work and in larger part by Jonathan Wrights Fleet on Foot. I include some photos from her instagram here…

My kids also wanted to get in on the action, and see what I did in my studio all day, so they ended up making their own canoe paddle recently as I was working on my piece Hand Paddle.

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