OH HELL! (Research/Faustus/Rambling)

During lockdown, whilst my current and upcoming projects are suspended, I've been devoting what spare time I have to research. Last year, I presented my work A History of Fate at the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury, the experience got me thinking about Christopher Marlowe for the first time since my GCSEs. This sparked a fascination … Continue reading OH HELL! (Research/Faustus/Rambling)

Early Plastic boat experiments (sketchbook pages)

On these pages (the middle pages dated January 11) you can see the plastic kayak idea moving from initial idea and through first tests. It also records the loss of one of my planned mentors and meeting with boat builder Glyn. In the drawings you can see how the influence of seafaring myths and pilgrimage … Continue reading Early Plastic boat experiments (sketchbook pages)

On naming (sketchbook pages)

As this project has been focussed on building a body of work rather than public facing outputs... there's stuff in my scketchbook (evidence of the work done in thought and prep) that had never made it to the blog. In order to make a record of some of that stuff I will be uploading highlights … Continue reading On naming (sketchbook pages)