How best to love a tangent.

In an exploratory project such as this there are naturally a lot of tangential directions of enquiry and investigation that run the risk of taking one off task. It's important to keep the destination in mind. Yet, if I am to learn to keep a momentum in my practice and grow as an artist beyond … Continue reading How best to love a tangent.

Reading – January 2019: why I’m re-reading Moby Dick

I read most of 'the Edge Of The World' by Michael Pye which talks about how the north-sea affects the cultures that surround it. That was interesting but I don't have much to say about it beyond what I've already written elsewhere on the blog. What Pye demonstrates is the powerful political effect the sea … Continue reading Reading – January 2019: why I’m re-reading Moby Dick

A vessel with no destination

Here's another thought taken from my reading of st. Brendan that I feel really speaks to the unspeakable allure of making boats. St. Brendan set off on his voyage somewhere in the 500s, a time when no one knew if anything lay off to the west, beyond the Atlantic. It isn't that people thought there … Continue reading A vessel with no destination

Sailing to the fictive past.

I've been reading The Age of Bede as part of my commitment to reading more books to feed my work. I am particularly interested by the voyage of st. Brendan (anonymous author) a partly historical but mostly fictional account of a sixth century monk’s voyage by boat to search for Eden. I will no doubt … Continue reading Sailing to the fictive past.

Reading – December 2018

It occurs to me that during this development period I should attempt to build some good habits, and I am certain that a habit of many successful artists is wide reading. Books have a big influence on my creative work. Heck, in 2018 I published my first novel (also boat related), and the original Title … Continue reading Reading – December 2018