Podcast with latest research and thinking

Did you know I started a podcast during lockdown? Season 1 was all about different things I was researching plus interviews with other artists and creatives. Season 2 is currently running and is a series of deep dives into the old english poem Beowulf. I've been researching anglo-saxon myth and storytelling for a large scale … Continue reading Podcast with latest research and thinking


Questions of lineage have almost always been at stake for people of power. We might like to imagine that the obsession with lineage is not so important in the present day but in the last decade we saw how the wholly spurious ‘birther’ movement, questioning the lineage of president Obama, took hold and shaped American politics in ways we still feel. Lineage still affects us.

(almost) all my Nine Mens Morris making and thinking over the last couple of months

I've been researching nine-men's-morris with a view to making a new work. I've been posting some things on instagram and making videos on my youtube channel. These are all ways of recording my research in a way which will hopefully be interesting to an audience. I've even started a podcast and the first episode is … Continue reading (almost) all my Nine Mens Morris making and thinking over the last couple of months

OH HELL! (Research/Faustus/Rambling)

During lockdown, whilst my current and upcoming projects are suspended, I've been devoting what spare time I have to research. Last year, I presented my work A History of Fate at the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury, the experience got me thinking about Christopher Marlowe for the first time since my GCSEs. This sparked a fascination … Continue reading OH HELL! (Research/Faustus/Rambling)

How best to love a tangent.

In an exploratory project such as this there are naturally a lot of tangential directions of enquiry and investigation that run the risk of taking one off task. It's important to keep the destination in mind. Yet, if I am to learn to keep a momentum in my practice and grow as an artist beyond … Continue reading How best to love a tangent.

Reading – January 2019: why I’m re-reading Moby Dick

I read most of 'the Edge Of The World' by Michael Pye which talks about how the north-sea affects the cultures that surround it. That was interesting but I don't have much to say about it beyond what I've already written elsewhere on the blog. What Pye demonstrates is the powerful political effect the sea … Continue reading Reading – January 2019: why I’m re-reading Moby Dick

A vessel with no destination

Here's another thought taken from my reading of st. Brendan that I feel really speaks to the unspeakable allure of making boats. St. Brendan set off on his voyage somewhere in the 500s, a time when no one knew if anything lay off to the west, beyond the Atlantic. It isn't that people thought there … Continue reading A vessel with no destination

Sailing to the fictive past.

I've been reading The Age of Bede as part of my commitment to reading more books to feed my work. I am particularly interested by the voyage of st. Brendan (anonymous author) a partly historical but mostly fictional account of a sixth century monk’s voyage by boat to search for Eden. I will no doubt … Continue reading Sailing to the fictive past.