LATE NIGHT DIARY 2 (Answer The Call)

I did some maths this week, RE: the milk carton canoe. The design will need up to an eye watering 841 four-pint milk cartons to complete. And so the call for donations will have to go wide…


At the same time some other developments have been occuring. I have discovered that some supermarket plastic bags are made from the same kind of plastic. I believe I could add this to the synthetic birch bark I’m making to create a smoother finish with fewer seams.

Also this week, I have begun to thing about making a new cardboard boat… A deliberate revision of my first boat, though this time allowing the material to inform more of the process. When one thinks of traditional and ancient boats, the unifying factor across styles and ages is the makers intimate knowledge of her material. Through making BOAT 1 I have a strong knowledge of cardboard. Therefore it seems appropriate that I should iterate upon it.



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