Retreat video

I spent a few days wildcamping around Loch Lomond in early February. This was intended to be a kind if retreat, a time to isolate myself. A time to think and refill my creative reserves.

This was possible due to the funding I received from ACE, but also because Alpkit Foundation generously donated some equipment that allowed me to hike and sleep in the cold wintery conditions.

The retreat was valuable and lead my thinking in a few different directions, some of which will work its way into the work produced coming months. It also filled up a bunch of sketchbook pages with ideas and some terrible drawings.

Screenshot_2019-03-02 Jim Lockey ( jimlockeyartist) • Instagram photos and videos(1)

I also took a GoPro with me (Thanks to Liu Batchelor) and shot some footage which I have now edited. Its kind of like a series of video sketches that loosely shows some snippets of my thought processes during the retreat. A couple of which could be broken out and expanded into something for installation.


As well as the above video I also took some footage in which I pretended to be one of those wildcamping YouTubers

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