TILE-GAMI – a board game design in process

I’ve recently become interested in Board Game Design, perhaps inspired a little from my work with Royal Game of Ur. As a result I’ve joined a design and playtesting group and begun to work on a couple of games.

My kids saw me working on a game and asked to play… but what I was working on would have been a bit too advanced for my six year-old, and was not yet playable. So I decided to make a game for them. This is how TILE-GAMI was born. I was inspired by my kid’s love of paper-craft to make a game that allowed them to create something while we played together, emphasing the creative aspect of the game over the competitive.

In the game, players are tasked to pick an origami model design, then race their friends to see who can finish fastest. But, before they can complete a fold on their model they must find the tile that matches their next step. Part craft, part race, part memory game, I’ve had lots of fun working on this with my kids, and they loved it too, they enjoyed playing the game and exploring origami. The best bit of all is that everyone gets something they can keep at the end.


Now I’d like to know what other families think of this game, so I’m letting you download, print it out, and play it at home. In return please tell me what you think. do you like it? are there things you dont like? would you like more options of things to build? would you like it to be easier, or harder? Please help me make this game better and one day we might even make it for real.

If you would like to test the game and give me your feedback you can download the game and print it out at home printNplay. (you will need to provide your own origami paper to make your models)

Please be aware that this is a prototype and artwork is not final, it has been bashed together and adapted from existing images. The artwork is not final, nor intended for commercial use.


Best printed on card

Cut pages 1 & 2 in half lengthwise to create four game boards

Pages 3-5 have game tiles which must be cut out.

Right hand side of page 5 – gameplay instructions

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