A History Of Fate (2019)

Continuing themes that have been present in my 2019 boats; such the re-embodiment of history, and the recontextualisation of the present through the lens of history and myth: A History Of Fate is an interactive Performance artwork which invites audiences to become immersed in a human scaled version of a 5000 year-old board game, The Royal Game of Ur.


Inspired by the real history of the once lost board game, players and participants acting as game pieces. Find that during their game they are addressed by an eerie voice, offering fortunes and life lessons based on the actions they make on the board.


Research and development of the piece has been generously provided by Marlowe theatre as part of their ROAR platform, and it is planned to become a full show.

As part of the project I have also made a number of small boards, for audiences to play in the foyer before the main performance. If you would like to know more about the project, purchase your own (small) board, or book the show please use my contact page.