A Typical Week

I wanted to give an idea of a typical week on this project – so why not last week. For more detail on the bullet points below see the attached video.

This account of my hours is intended to demonstrate a typical week on the project and I feel it gives a good idea of the spread between admistrative tasks, working on larger works or learning activities and documentation. Obviously the tasks of any one week will be different; with some weeks being a little lighter and some being heavier. For instance I took two research trips the week prior to this, each being an 8+ hour day and meaning that I worked 16 hours over just two days. Some weeks are more research focussed, others more practical etc. However, even accounting for descrepancy in the kinds of activities I’m doing, I am confident that this week just passed is good example of an average week, as I generally work 5 days a week between 9am and 3 pm with some light admin tasks on some evenings.


  • Working on Expenditure report – 5 hours (9am – 2pm)


  • I’ve been building a kit boat to learn technique and boat building as a craft, I sanded the 10ft boat for 5 hours (10am – 3pm)


  • Fixing gunnels and fibre glassing – 3 hours (9am – 12pm)
  • planning and making display tripod – 2 hours (12-2pm)
  • emailing arts orgs re: development projects -1 hour (evening)
  • Composing and sending Mailing list email – 1 hour (evening)


  • More work on the kit boat – 2hrs (9am – 11am)
  • shooting video below – 30mins (12pm)
  • shooting and editing video about Royal Game of UR / logging footage from research trip – 2.5hours (2 – 3pm)
  • working on poster design for exhibition – 1hr (evening)


  • Work on the kit boat – 1hr (9-10am)
  • reading/ research – 1hr (10-11am)
  • prepping cardboard for ‘Cardboard Boat – a response’ – 1.5hrs (1pm-2.30pm)


  • Performing ‘cardboard boat – a response’ – 2hrs (11am-1pm)


  • editing ‘Cardboard boat – a response’ – 4hours (1-5pm)
  • Writing website pages for BOAT 5 and BOAT 6 + Blog post about tripod design – 1hour (evening)
  • Sketchbook work – 1hr


budgetted hours – 20 (described in application as 20 half days per month)



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