When Jimmy was sketchy boy

It’s twenty-brine-teen and five months of MORE BOATS has officially begun. I started this year by crawling around in my loft putting Christmas decorations away. Whilst up in that cramped space I found a bunch of my old sketchbooks from my A-level and Foundation courses. Back in A-level we had to use these big A3 sketchbooks. I didn’t like them back then ‘cos you couldn’t carry them around and draw anywhere. I was always cutting things out from other places and sticking them in the sketchbook later.

However, 12 years after my A-level project I kind of see it. I was able to look back through and get a real sense of what I was thinking back then. I appreciate now the value of a giant sketchbook.

The demands of making art professionally are different to that of a student in the sixth form, and whilst sketchbook work remains vital to a rich practice I don’t think a trip to smiths for an A3 spiral bound boy are quite what’s required.

I’ll be sketchbooking the narrative of the project here, online. This blog is the real time record of the project. When it comes to physically drawing, and actually sketching… well I’ve bought a couple of sketchbooks, and they’re not A3. They’re not large lads at all. They are tiny, designed to travel with me at my hip all the time. I’ve done this before when I’ve had something I’m working on and it really works for me.

The drawback of these tiny A7 sketchbooks is that it’s easy to end up using them in a scribbling manner- noting down measurements and such that might be useful in the moment but aren’t valuable to look back on. One of the things I liked about the big sketchbook and the education setting is the way it forces you to explain and kind of ‘present’ every doodle, idea and sketch. – to replicate this I’ll be using my Instagram feed @jimlockeyartist as a way to ensure I’m keeping up the standard of what I’m doing in there. Instead of obsessing about my internet use getting in the way of work… I’ll make the internet work for me.

So make sure you’re following over on insta for dem posts.


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