Game Boy Camera Photography

The Game Boy Camera was a toy released for the Nintendo Game Boy, handheld games console in 1998. On release it was the smallest digital camera in the world and one of the first which was affordable for the average consumer. Photos made with the Game Boy Camera are 128×112 pixels, and contain just four shades of grey. These tiny 2-bit images are 0.001434 megapixels.

The extreme restrictions of the camera create a unique aesthetic and necessitates photographers to become acutely aware of composition and light to create successful images.

I began using the Game Boy Camera in art projects in 2011, and used red, green and blue filters to create composite colour photos. A process i’d first experimented with as a child in the early 2000’s.

I now use the Game Boy regularly for photography, which I share on the instagram account @gameboycameraobscura

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