Commissioned for SALT Festival 2019

A live art happening that invites participants to work as a community to construct and pilot a vessel. Deconstructing and reframing the notion of the pioneer, this work attempts to examine the role and function of community in human progress.


The work consisted of a kayak with outriggers that breaks into sections. Invited audience work together to assemble the pieces like a 3D jigsaw puzzle and then the boat is launched.

ARK was performed for SALT festival, and being experimental – broke in the water – The boat will be fixed and launched again in the spring. However what was interesting is how the work still felt satisfying to the audience and meaningful, despite failing to float. Perhaps demonstrating that the power of collaboration is about community as much as it is about outcome.

I would like to thank all the participants, Folkestone Fringe, Folkestone Quarterhouse, and everyone involved in making the project happen.


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